I Am a Wrestler

       A lot of people say lots of things about wrestlers, things like “that’s so gay,” but I completely disagree. I find it to be the manliest sport out there, not because of its violence, but because it is a sport that takes very much endurance. I’m not going to lie and tell you that it is always fun and exciting, no, a lot of times it is incredibly difficult and nerve-wrecking, but through all the pain and hard work, at the end of the day, I love the sport and the lifestyle that comes along with it. I am a Wrestler


The Bond of Music and Sports

       I have a beyond abnormal obsession with music, lots of different kinds, but, mainly rap. I don’t just listen to a song because it has a nice beat, I pay close attention to the lyrics and try to understand what the artist is trying to portray. I am nearly always listening to music, from passing period, to walking home, and sometimes even during class (if it’s okay with the teacher of course, but sometimes I still do even if the teacher disagrees).  Music plays a very huge role in my life.

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Anger in a Wrestler

       Being a somewhat normal teenage boy, I feel angry at times. Being strong as well as being a wrestler, when i get angry at people it usually doesn’t end well for anyone. Although I know that getting in fights is nothing to be proud of and that fights shouldn’t happen at all, there are just those times when I feel like I can’t control myself and I end up getting into a fight.

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