Anger in a Wrestler

       Being a somewhat normal teenage boy, I feel angry at times. Being strong as well as being a wrestler, when i get angry at people it usually doesn’t end well for anyone. Although I know that getting in fights is nothing to be proud of and that fights shouldn’t happen at all, there are just those times when I feel like I can’t control myself and I end up getting into a fight.

Everyone knows that feeling of anger when you almost black out and it feels like your body is moving you, rather than you moving your body. I’ve been in many situations like that but throughout all those times, I learned something. I learned how to control anger and not just go crazy on people. It can definitely be hard to stay cool sometimes, there are times when I feel like I am just about to explode, it is at those times when I realize it is just smarter to walk away than to do something that I know I will regret.

      I have heard and read about many people who had just gotten very angry and have done something that they deeply regretted. My favorite of all of these stories is by far the story of Oedipus Rex. Oedipus had gotten mad and killed a few men, one of them being his father, although he was unaware that one of the men he had killed was his father, it was his anger that lead him to do what he would later regret for his entire life.


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