The Bond of Music and Sports

       I have a beyond abnormal obsession with music, lots of different kinds, but, mainly rap. I don’t just listen to a song because it has a nice beat, I pay close attention to the lyrics and try to understand what the artist is trying to portray. I am nearly always listening to music, from passing period, to walking home, and sometimes even during class (if it’s okay with the teacher of course, but sometimes I still do even if the teacher disagrees).  Music plays a very huge role in my life.

      Music is also a great source of motivation. Every time I try to get pumped up before a match or maybe even before I lift heavy weight, I either listen to music or I think of an up-beat song in my head, I feel like it is a highly motivating thing. There are also going to be many people in your life that will motivate you, I think of mostly my brother as motivation but, there are others such as teammates and even teachers, for example my English teacher is a very motivational guy.


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