I Am a Wrestler

       A lot of people say lots of things about wrestlers, things like “that’s so gay,” but I completely disagree. I find it to be the manliest sport out there, not because of its violence, but because it is a sport that takes very much endurance. I’m not going to lie and tell you that it is always fun and exciting, no, a lot of times it is incredibly difficult and nerve-wrecking, but through all the pain and hard work, at the end of the day, I love the sport and the lifestyle that comes along with it. I am a Wrestler


4 thoughts on “I Am a Wrestler

  1. tigerfam1

    I’m not going to lie, as a basketball player, wrestling is truly a man’s sport. Its literally just you and the opponent, and there’s no one out there to help you, and when you start its obvious whether or not you’ve put in the work or not. In basketball, I have my teammates to rely on at least, and I can get subbed out if I get tired, but in wrestling there are no subs if you’re tired and there’s no relying on anyone, its a battle of will. Much respect my man, keep up the work and the passion.

  2. michaellouka3 Post author

    Yea! I love playing basketball, and I did it for years, but at the start of high school, I realized that maybe I should try something new, so I joined wrestling. It is extremely difficult and a very independent sport, but I never thought I could love it this much. I hope I continue to get better, thanks man. Pray for me.

  3. thekittyhat

    Wrestling sounds pretty fun, but what makes it more manly than other sports? and by saying this, do you mean it is a sport solely for men? I’m curious to know your thoughts on women’s wrestling, and possibilities of co-ed wrestling. Just some thoughts for you~
    Also, I can’t help but feel I must point out your run-on sentences. You have a lot of commas in there, where you probably should be separating your ideas.

    1. michaellouka3 Post author

      I feel it is a very manly sport because it only requires yourself, no ball, no bat, just you without a team. No I do not feel wrestling is solely for men, I have great respect for both men and women that uphold the challenges come by wrestling. Thank you for the tip, I will try to work on that, also sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier, I haven’t been on my blog in a while but I plan on posting more frequently.


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